February 22, 2011


Finally CONSERVATOIRE DE LA SOCIÉTÉ FRANÇAISE DU DAHLIA À FLAMANVILLE published their new catalog for 2011. But look how much less varieties they have on the list! They lost a lot of tubers when it was freezing in Flamanville during the digging time in November. What a pity! Of course, I couldn't resist to not to order several tubers from them. On photos they look gorgeous, we'll see if I would manage to get them to flower in my garden...

Наконец-то долгожданный каталог Французского общества любителей георгин за 2011 год стал доступен. Но количество предлагаемых сортов заметно меньше, чем в предыдущие годы. У них погибло много сортов, когда во время выкопки клубней во Фламанвилле ударил мороз и выпал снег. Как жаль! Я конечно не удержалась, чтобы не заказать несколько новых сортов для коллекции. На фотографиях они выглядят великолепно, посмотрим, смогу ли я увидеть их цветение вживую в своем саду.

Alauna Aurora


Coriallo Borealis


Hollyhill Voodoo

Mingus Laura


Masha said...

Those dahlias are so beautiful! Your love of dahlias looks exactly like my obsession with roses:-). I collect roses and there are never enough close-up pictures of them for me.

Olgochka said...

Thank you Masha! I like roses too, but we can't have them in our garden. Deers like them also very much. Dahlias they don't care about so I can plant them as much as I want.

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