September 26, 2011

Dahlia season 2011: part VI

   September is almost over but dahlias are flowering discontinuously. Most of my dahlias opened their blooms and not so many pictures left not posted here. The first variety of this post is seedling by Peter Haslhofer Hapet 2008-621. Very bright orange-yellow semicactus.

Hapet 2008-621

   Here comes the second Swedish variety that looks nice in my garden - Birka Hallon by Mary Ohlson. It has very nice raspberry color that it was named for.

Birka Hallon

   Kenora Macop-B (Leroux, USA). This variety was a slug magnet in June. The main stem of the plant was cut down to 20 cm long leafless stick twice. I guess it was the same slug that liked this particular variety and left others nearby alone. Despite that the plant finally managed to grow taller than 180 cm and is blooming with very dark velvety laciniated flowers.

Kenora Macop-B

   Boja's Farm coming from Holland, I bought its tuber in Kista Mässan. This plant appeared to be a slow grower, I'm suspecting some kind of disease on it. But when it finally opened its first bloom a few days ago it appeared to be a nice variety.

Boja's Farm

   The last 3 dahlias of today's post are varieties coming from Ken Greenway, Accent Dahlias, USA. These are a true show varieties. Strong long peduncles, deep inflorescence of a perfect shape, long vase life. On the title image is AC Rooster - my first stellar dahlia. This shape is very special and I definitely would like to have more stellar varieties in my collection.

AC Rooster

   AC Cougar is a tall plant blooming very abundantly.

AC Cougar

   AC Ben has huge flower head that stays fresh on a plant for 2 weeks.

AC Ben

September 22, 2011

My Dahlia Garden was featured in 'Aftonbladet 'Härligt Hemma'

   A few months ago I have been contacted by a journalist from 'Aftonbladet Härligt Hemma'. She asked whether they can write an article about my dahlias for this magazine. That was an unexpected surprise for me since I'm just in my second year of keeping dahlias and can't consider myself as an experienced gardener. And I always thought that garden articles are written about well-known old gardens with fancy landscape design and ideally trimmed grass-lawns. Nevertheless in the end of August Ulrika and Gustav came to my garden to interview me and to take pictures. Last weekend the issue of 'Härligt Hemma' with the article was published. I'm grateful to Mary Ohlson who recommended my dahlia collection for this publication.

September 16, 2011

Flower arrangements with dahlias

   Having so many dahlias in the garden I can practice in flower arrangements. Bunch of dahlias always look great. In this vase I have Pinelands Princess, Clair-Obscure, Colorado Classic, Hallwood Envoy, Alauna Aurora, Alauna Luna and Fruti.

   Alauna Aurora, Michel Robert (France), started to flower pretty late, about 3 weeks ago. The flower head is large and very full.

Alauna Aurora

In this bunch I used Wyn's Pinking of You, Olga, Nenekazi, Mick's Peppermint, Vista Lindsey, Trelyn Rhiannon and Alauna Luna.

September 14, 2011

Dahlia season 2011: part V

   Skipley Swingtime, R. Williams (US). This plant was totally eaten by a slug right after planting, but it grew back strongly to a 1.6 m high bush.

Skipley Swingtime

   Dagla-80, P. Haslhofer (Austria), has very deep and full flower heads. Unusual color combination.


   Northlake Pride, Surber (USA), was compared to a coral by visitors of Bergianska Trädgårdens Höstfest. It has extremely deep splits on coral-red petals.

Northlake Pride

   Nenekazi is a nice laciniated variety bred by Cyril Higgo (South Africa). Plant isn't growing taller than 1.2 m, is blooming freely and abundantly.


   Clair Obscure, M. Robert (France), was very popular on Bergianska Trädgårdens Höstfest as well. Striking color combination on laciniated blooms.

Clair Obscure

   Fruti, E.Turc (France), blooms freely on long strong peduncles.


   Birka Scandinavian Sunshine, Mary Ohlson (Sweden). This is my favorite Swedish variety so far. Flower heads are very full and hold long. Very bright yellow color.

Birka Scandinavian Sunshine

September 7, 2011

Taxinge Slott Trädgårdsmässan 2011-09-03
Bergianska Trädgårdens Höstfest 2011-09-04

   That was a busy weekend. On Saturday we went to the small garden show in Taxinge Slott. It takes place every year on 1st weekend in September. Last year we have been there for the first time and liked a lot both the show and the beautiful park around Taxinge Slott. This year the show was much smaller than last time, there were much less participants especially plant nurseries from nearby towns. So less plants for me to buy ☺. My favorite participant from last year was there this time too and I got a large beautiful Heuchera 'Autumn Leaves' from them. Their stand was full of good looking plants of nice size.

   From Bürgers Växtgård I spontaneously bought a white-blue Monkshood Aconitum carmichaelii. It is just about to open blooms.

   The weather was great and we had a very nice walk around the park. There are some nice places to have a look at.

   On Sunday morning we cut some dahlias, took the smallest of my fine looking pots with Gallery Art Nouveau and went to Bergianska Trädgårdens Höstfest. Irene and Charlotte have already prepared a nice stand for presenting Svenska Dahliasällskapet. This was a perfect day - sunny and warm. A lot of people came to Bergianska garden. It's always plenty of joy to talk with people about our favorite flowers and show them. There was no chance to bring my camera with me, so no pictures of my own this time. But Irene uploaded nice pictures on her blog. Some pictures were taken by Kerstin and uploaded on Facebook. I'm linking to them here.

September 3, 2011

Bergianska Trädgårdens Höstfest.
Dahlia season 2011: part V

   Tomorrow Sunday September 4th there will be Höstfest in Bergianska Botanical Garden. Svenksa Dahliasällskapet is participating there and I'll be there to show some of my dahlias. Here are some previews of what I might bring with me tomorrow. These are all large flowering dahlias originating mostly from US except for Hapet Spartan, Austrian variety.

AC Ben

Colorado Classic

Mick's Peppermint

Wyn's Pinking of You

AC Dark Horse

Hapet Spartan