January 19, 2012

WOW! I won two tickets for Rum & Trädgård fair!

    Thanks a lot to Slottsträdgårdsmästaren for the chance to win tickets to the first garden fair of 2012 in Stockholm Rum & Trädgård! Now I'm looking very much forward to this garden fair. Last year it was a very inspiring fair.

January 12, 2012

Wild life in the garden...

     ...and around the garden is quite intensive. This beautiful female of cross spider Araneus diadematus lived on the window of our house last summer. She was almost 2.5 cm in size, really big and was catching wasps in her net.
     Couple of weeks ago the municipality started to build a road close to us so the forest will be partially cut over. This forest is providing home for quite a lot of animals. Roe deers, hares, badger and foxes could be found here. Björn took very nice pictures of some of these animals when they were passing by our garden. Hopefully, all of them will survive deforestation and will stay around for long.

     Roe deers are beautiful animals and I started to like them even more since we built a fence that keeps them away from our garden. They can't feed anymore on my tulips, coral bells and astilbes and don't spread ticks in the garden.

     This fox likes to tease our neighbors dog by coming close to their fence and staying there for a while.

     Every summer morning around 7:30 this hare used to pass by our garden. Here he is checking out our car on the parking.

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

    Winter keeps the garden dormant, but new year has started and new gardening season 2012 is getting closer. What does gardener do during garden winter dormancy? Yes, planning and organizing. Last few weeks I was busy with updating the page with the catalog of my dahlia collection. And now it is up to date with photos from the past season. All varieties that have active links with their names were grown in my garden during past season 2011. Those that have not been linked yet are newcomers that I acquired recently for the coming season 2012. So far I received new varieties from 2 sources, from my Russian friend Nadezhda and from Austrian Peter's Dahlias. Here is a preview of these new acquisitions.

Alauna Sylva
Picture borrowed from Dahliafrance

Bohemian Spartacus
Picture borrowed from Цветы Надежды

Coriallo Furioso
Picture borrowed from Dahliafrance

Delbard 03-128-01
Picture borrowed from Цветы Надежды

Picture borrowed from Цветы Надежды

Hapet 2006/18

Hapet Kanari

Hapet Neon

Hapet Orange Cyrill

Hapet Perfekt

Hapet Stellar Rubin
Picture borrowed from Elkes Dahlia Paradise

Horse Feathers
Picture borrowed from Everyday Journey

Janny P
Picture borrowed from FGL Dahlias

Picture borrowed from Vicki's Dahlias

Lindsay Michelle
Picture borrowed from Цветы Надежды

Maggie C
Picture borrowed from La Société québécoise du Dahlia

Nadia Ruth
Picture borrowed from Dahliafrance

Nick SR
Picture borrowed from Цветы Надежды

Picture borrowed from Цветы Надежды

Picture borrowed from Цветы Надежды

Picture borrowed from Цветы Надежды

Picture borrowed from Цветы Надежды

Picture borrowed from Delbard Direct

Skipley Spot
Picture borrowed from Chris Hewitt

Wyn's Tuscan Sun
Picture borrowed from St. Anicet Productions

Сиреневый Туман
Picture borrowed from Цветы Надежды