May 25, 2011

Hosta time

Diana Remembered

   Spring is almost over and several dozens of dahlias in pots are still waiting for their turn to be planted in the ground. When do I find time to do that?! Therefore my Hosta beds do not ask for much time except for time to enjoy happily growing young plants. All of them were planted last summer so they are just babies in terms of Hosta lifespan. This plant can easily grow for 20+ years on the same spot without asking for much care. Hosta was named a perennial of 2011 by Swedish Perennagruppen and is very popular garden plant considering the number of varieties already existing and constantly being added to the registration lists of various Hosta societies. In my garden I have about 50 Hosta varieties of different sizes and color combinations. Here are some that I like the most right now:

Earth Angel


Lakeside Fruit Loops


Red Stepper

Rhino Hide

Hanky Panky


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