August 16, 2011

Dahlia season 2011: part III

   Hot July has passed and cooler temperatures give deeper colors in dahlia flowers. I have several dahlias from Austrian breeder Peter Haslhofer that are growing very strong and healthy. The plants are tall, 150 cm in average, and wide with many shoots. Strong long peduncles holding inflorescence well above leaves. Difficult to find the favourite but Hapet 2008/121 seedling has a lot of potential to become my favourite. It has large and very thick inflorescence that opens as bright yellow with dark red tips. With time yellow color changes to pink.

Hapet 2008/121

   Another seedling from Peter is Hapet 2009/77. It has well shaped inflorescence of decorative type. Colors are vivid and seen from long distance. Very long peduncles holding heavy inflorescence at a perfect 45°C angle.

Hapet 2009/77

   Plant of Hapet Red King is about 170-180 cm tall. Bright red slightly incurved semicactus inflorescence of ⌀~25cm on 40+ cm long pedunles.

Hapet Red King

   In the beginning of this post I put the photo of Trelyn Rhiannon. The plant of this variety is setting records in number of simultaneously opened flowers. None of my other varieties have that many of them opened at once.

Trelyn Rhiannon

   Inflorescence of Vicki is huge. It has perfect shape and looks like it was made of porcelain. Plant is not taller than 120-130 cm.



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