November 26, 2011

What is still looking good in late November

      No winter signs yet in the garden and some perennials still look fresh. Blue flowers are opening on evergreen periwinkle. For the first time in 3 years I see the flowering of the only Chrysanthemum that I have in my garden. It is a very late variety and in previous years it was freezing before opening flower buds. Can't say that it was worth to wait to see this flowers...

      Coral bells look perfect. Lime Marmalade is the brightest. It's nicely contrasting with Crimson Curls growing next to it. Color of Marmalade turned greener than it was in early summer, but is still glowing. Sashay is not completely recovered after being partially eaten by roe-deer. I hope to see its full potential next year.

Lime Marmalade

Crimson Curls



      Newly planted Garden Phloxes are still green and slowely but, hopefully, surely are establishing in their new bed. Mulch of shredded leaves is protecting them from night frosts.


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