January 12, 2012

Wild life in the garden...

     ...and around the garden is quite intensive. This beautiful female of cross spider Araneus diadematus lived on the window of our house last summer. She was almost 2.5 cm in size, really big and was catching wasps in her net.
     Couple of weeks ago the municipality started to build a road close to us so the forest will be partially cut over. This forest is providing home for quite a lot of animals. Roe deers, hares, badger and foxes could be found here. Björn took very nice pictures of some of these animals when they were passing by our garden. Hopefully, all of them will survive deforestation and will stay around for long.

     Roe deers are beautiful animals and I started to like them even more since we built a fence that keeps them away from our garden. They can't feed anymore on my tulips, coral bells and astilbes and don't spread ticks in the garden.

     This fox likes to tease our neighbors dog by coming close to their fence and staying there for a while.

     Every summer morning around 7:30 this hare used to pass by our garden. Here he is checking out our car on the parking.


Tistel said...

Jättefina bilder! Hoppas vi träffas på ett möte om trädgårdsmässan snart! /Irene

Olga said...

Tack Irene! Vi ses snart!

Kasia Bellingham www.angielskieogrody.com said...

Hi Olga - love the photos you took of the wildlife in your garden! Well done!

Did you not have a fence around your garden until now? We have simmilar problem here in the Kashubian National Park of Poland - we live in woods and are planing a garden this year, however will not have fence just yet - will the deers come close to the house in summer and munch up my flowers?
Regards, Kasia B

Olga said...

Thanks for your comment Kasia!
We installed a deer fence in July last summer. Before that deer were coming to the garden very close to the house and feeding on my garden plants. So, high fence, at least 1.5m high, is the only 100% working alternative if you would like to prevent your plantings from being eaten by deer.

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