July 27, 2016

New additions to my collection of Russian varieties of Phlox paniculata

During my trip to St-Petersburg in May I visited my favourite perennial nursery "Severnaya Flora" to buy some new Russian varieties of Phlox paniculata. Here is the list of my new additions:

Анастасия (Ph. paniculata "Anastasia")

Архангел (Ph. paniculata "Archangel")

Бисер (Ph. paniculata "Biser")

Гжель (Ph. paniculata "Gzel")

Земляничное Суфле (Ph. paniculata "Zemljanichnoe Sufle")

Кураж (Ph. paniculata "Courage")

Маргарита (Ph. paniculata "Margarita")

All pictures are courtesy of "Severnaya Flora"


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