June 16, 2011

Hosta collection is growing

   After a critical look at my Hosta beds I realized that I can add some more plants there. On GardenWeb Hosta Forum I got some ideas for a wish list. None of this varieties would appear in any garden center around Stockholm in next few years. Unfortunately, the choice of Hostas is very poor here, except the plantshop in Ösmo, where I found some unusual choice last year. So I placed an order to Fransen Hostas. I like this Hosta nursery very much. They have huge choice of newest varieties for good prices. This is my second order from them and I'll order more from them in the future. Many of the plants that I got from them are 2+ shoots divisions of mature plants with well developed root system. They grow rapidly and mature quickly. This time I got 7 plants - 6 from my order + 1 gift plant.
   As a gift for June orders they were sending Hosta Bedazzled. A small size variety with blue-green leaves with irregular yellow margins. Single-shoot division but with many well-developed leaves.


   I always liked H. Gold Standard on photos but every time when I saw it in garden shops it was heavily infected with HVX. Of course, I never bought it. Recently I read about H. Captain Kirk one of Gold Standard's sports with thicker foliage and wider green margin. This hosta was highly recommended by forum members so I put it on my order. I received strong single-shoot division with very bright coloring and placed it into my shadow bed.

Captain Kirk

   Another Hosta that I got to know about from the forum is Goodness Gracious. It's a tetraploid sport of H. Satisfaction with thicker substance and wider margin. My plant is well-developed single-shoot division.

Goodness Gracious

   Since last year I grow 2 Lakeside hostas LS Fruit Loops and LS Lollipop. Both are growing nicely so I added 3 more Lakesides to my order. Lakeside Beach Captain is a nice large-medium hosta with heavy substance on blue leaves with narrow yellow center. I got 3-shoot plant with mature sized leaves.

Lakeside Beach Captain

   The second Lakeside I got is LS Dragonfly. This hosta is known to have a very special growth habit and being a fast grower. I got 4-shoot division with many leaves and nice roots.

Lakeside Dragonfly

   And one more Lakeside is LS Love Affaire. I like white-centered hostas and this one is recommended by the forum members as a good grower. My plant is double-shoot division with good roots.

Lakeside Love Affaire

   While looking through Fransen Catalog I saw a new sport of Blue Mouse Ears different from others - Dancing Mouse. I had to order this one to add to my small Mouse family collection. I received a single-shoot division with flower buds on it!

Dancing Mouse


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