June 25, 2011

Fuchsias like rainy weather

   Last weeks we had a lot of rains. Temperatures are mild 17-21°C. So perfect conditions for fuchsias. They don't like it when it's too warm even if they are standing in a shade. Now almost all my new fuchsias are flowering and it's time to take pictures. First my current favourite Smokey Mountain. Nice compact bush which is described at Rockdala homepage as upright so I let it grow with a support. But it looks to me like trailing variety, and it is a trailer according to registration in American Fuchsia Society. So not all information on Rockdala site is correct, I better should check it with several sources.

Smokey Mountain

   Finally I got a chance to see flowering of my Nightingale. This plant I have since last year in a basket together with Ice Maiden and Pink Marshmallow. It's rather weak plant especially on a background of its basket neighbors. But the first 2 flowers were gorgeous, large fully double bright pink flushed with white.


   Flowers of English Rose match its name. They look like a small double roses with their fully flared corolla. Flower is changing its shape and color with age.

English Rose

   Flowers of Beauty of Meise and Naughty Nicole look a bit alike. Beauty of Meise has slightly darker corolla than Naughty Nicole. Plants are different, upright and trailing respectively.

Beauty of Meise

Naughty Nicole

   Plants of Satellite and Rocket Fire I'm training as standards following recomendations from Wenches Fuchsiablog. Both plants are already about 80 cm tall and started to flower.

   Satellite has very large single flowers with white petals and coral red corolla flushed with white. Rocket Fire flowers are large heavy double dark pink with violet corolla.


Rocket Fire

   The darkest color in my collection have flowers of Rohees Prins. It's half-trailing variety unlike it's said in Rockdala's description. The flowers are medium size. Corolla is of darkest aubergine color that holds well through a flower lifetime.

Rohees Prins


Tistel said...

Nice, I also have a Rohees Prince :)

Bernie said...

Wow, you have some beauties in your collection. 'Satellite' especially caught my eye!

Olga said...

Thank you! Satellite is a real stand-out, this plant is very strong and fast grower.

Scotkat said...

Your fuchsias are stunning Olga .

How do you overwinter your fuchsias?

We are coming to the end of our season and time to rest our fuchsias although all of mine are still blooming seems a shame to prune back.

Olga said...

Yea, it's soon time to prune them and prepare for winter storage. It's a pity since they are flowering like they never did in the beginning of the season.

I overwinter them in the cool but frost-free basement, no lights, keeping soil barely moist.

Scotkat said...

Olga I still have Campenella in full bloom Voodoo and Waveny Sunrise it seems shame to prune back .

I may take a chance to see how hardy they stand .

I have posted my fuchsia photos blog of 2004 and 2005 .

Its so nice to look back on fuchsias we have had over the years.

Olga said...

It was tough to prune back fully blooming fuchsias few weeks ago. But weather in Stockholm is a bit unpredictable in autumn. So it's better to prune them in advance than loose blooming plants due to frost damage.

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