July 21, 2011

Dahlia season 2011: part I

   It’s been a while since I posted last time. Summer is in its peak right now and a lot is going on in the garden. Dahlias are starting to be a centre of attention. Most of potted dahlias are flowering for a long time now. Gallery Art Nouveau was the first to flower back in May. It was followed by Melody Mambo, Gallery Salvador, Gallery Matisse, Gallery Art Fair and Melody Dora. Melody Latin and Melody Dixie started to flower a bit later from last days of June. The last low growing variety left to flower is Melody Harmony. Although it already opened first inflorescence I can’t see it since it’s hidden among leaves. But more flowers should open soon on top of shoots. Let’s take a closer look at each plant.

   Gallery Art Nouveau. 4 cuttings planted in a 10l pot. Bright color of informally shaped inflorescence nicely contrasting with dark green leaves.

Gallery Art Nouveau

   Melody Mambo. 4 cuttings planted in a 15l pot. Very dark deep red satiny inflorescence tops medium green lush foliage.

Melody Mambo

   Gallery Salvador. 4 cuttings planted in a 10l pot. Striking contrast of pretty large, Ø10+ cm, inflorescence on a very low growing, 35 cm, plant. Scapes could be longer to bring inflorescence higher on top of the foliage.

Gallery Salvador

   Gallery Matisse. 3 cuttings planted in a 7l pot. Heavily flowering lowest growing pot dahlia in my collection. First inflorescences were showing ugly open center but later opened flowerheads look fine.

Gallery Matisse

   Gallery Art Fair. 4 cuttings planted in a 10l pot. The most heavily flowering of my pot dahlias.

Gallery Art Fair

   Melody Dora. 4 cuttings planted in a 20l pot. This year inflorescence size is much larger than it was last year. I think this is my favourite pot dahlia right now.

Melody Dora

   Melody Latin. 4 cuttings planted in a 20l pot. Actually it appeared to be only 3 cuttings of Melody Latin and 1 cutting Melody Dixie. I guess I've mixed the labels ☺. But the combination looks good. The shape and size of flower heads is very similar only color is different.

Melody Latin

Melody Dixie


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