October 14, 2011

Dahlia season 2011: part VII, last dahlias for the season

   Tonight SMHI is predicting first real freezing. So I guess I'll find frozen dahlia garden tomorrow morning. Anyway it's time to dig them up. Here come some last dahlia flower pictures for this year.
   Pooh is the only collarette variety in my collection. It was created by Swan Island Dahlias in US (1998). This dahlia I got from Lilian at the meeting of Svenska Dahliasällskapet members. When it started to bloom I was impressed by size of the inflorescence ~10 cm.


   Hillcrest Suffusion (Jackson, UK) is a nice decorative ball of warm peachy-pink color, freely flowering.

Hillcrest Suffusion

   The latest to flower was Black Jack (Haslhofer, Austria, 2003). It's definitely worth to wait. It's the darkest dahlia I've seen, almost black. It has dark leaves as well. Very special blooms.

Black Jack


Sunray Gardens said...

Very pretty Dahhlias. Blackjack is lovely.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Olga said...

Thanks Cher. I like Black Jack a lot.

Trädgården på Höjden... said...

I just found your blog and just LOVE all your beautiful dahlias.


Olga said...

Tack Åsa!

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