October 25, 2011

Karl Foerster garden and nursery in Potsdam

   Yesterday we visited an amazing historical private garden founded by Karl Foerster in 1910-1912. He is famous for his work in breeding perennial plants and Garden Phlox in particular. The garden is situated in German town Potsdam right behind the world famous Sanssouci Park.
   It's end of October but the colors in this perennial garden are as bright as you would expect in a middle of summer. The weather was a bit dull and foggy, not the best conditions for taking photos. But colors are shining everywhere anyway.

Upper garden

   This Aconitum carmichaelii is in its blooming peak. Very deep color.

   In the shady part of the garden is growing an impressive mound of my favorite grass Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'.

   Low garden is full of well thought and colorful plant combinations.

Low garden

   Among lush perennials I noted some dahlias. Bishop of Llandaff is known for its dark bronze foliage. It doesn't need staking since the bush is not growing very tall. These characteristics make Bishop series of dahlias attractive for landscape designers.

Bishop of Llandaff

   Next to the garden is situated the nursery and a plant shop - a dream of any perennial enthusiast. The choice of plants is huge and prices are mostly just 50% of those in Swedish plant shops. Of course, I found some additions for my small Garden Phlox collection - bushy low-growing Junior Dream and bright orange-red Pünktchen. Choice of hostas was very interesting, a lot of well grown multiple shoot plants. I picked a nice plant of miniature Shiny Penny.

Plant shop

Field with hostas


Janet said...

What a stunning , inspirational garden and there's so much still in flower. I would have been very tempted by the Nursery.

Olga said...

Yes, Janet, this nursery is very difficult to leave without buying something. Even now when most of perennials are on their way to winter dormancy.

Ruben said...

I´t must be the many asters and chrysanthemes that give the garden colours now in the autumn! And of course the many grasses.
I visited the garden in august a couple of years ago, and I don´t remember the garden as colourful as this year, and just think of it - in the end of october! I too, discovered th Bishop in this garden, but I don´t grow "him", but I grow Dahlia coccinea 'Palmeri' which I think is just as nice!!
Have a nice day!

Olga said...

Yes, Ruben, you are right, it's mostly late Asteraceae as well as Japanese maples with their beautiful fall leaves that are coloring this garden now. But I'm sure that this garden looks great all season round.

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