April 10, 2012

Beginning of new dahlia season 2012

    My dahlias have started their preparation for the new season back in the middle of February. I brought up from the winter storage some tubers of my favorite varieties as well as tubers that I received in exchange with Nadezhda and those that I bought from Peter Haslhofer and put them in trays filled with potting media. It took a few days for the tubers to wake up and start to sprout with new growth.

Since beginning of March I'm taking cuttings. It takes about 14 days for them to root in moist coir substrate in a mini-greenhouse.

As soon as the roots appear I plant cuttings in nutritious potting mixture and keep them on sunny windowsills.

Last summer the plants developed from cuttings were growing very well and flowering earlier then those that were grown from tubers. Tuber production from cuttings was fine as well. Some of the cuttings I'm planning to offer for sale in our society stand at Nordiska Trädgårdar 2012.


~~~Lydias Gröna Fingrar~~~ said...

Ser frodigt och härligt ut. Gott att säsongen är igång!

Olga said...

Tack Lydia! Det känns jätte bra att se alla pigga groddar som växer så fort.

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