May 23, 2012

Black Tulips

     The latest of my tulips are in full bloom now. Two of them have the word 'Black' in their name. 'Black Parrot' is a parrot tulip with deep wine colored petals, not black but very dark. Beautiful shape.

Black Parrot

     Next is fringed tulip 'Black Jewel'. Dark purple petals with heavily fringed tips. Not really black as well, but the shape is gorgeous.

Black Jewel

     And finally the most black tulip I ever seen - single late tulip 'Queen of the Night'. The color of this tulip is very difficult to catch in the photo. In bright sun it has dark burgundy tint, but in the shadow or at dusk the color of silky petals turns to almost black as on the photo at the top of this post or on the close-up photo.

Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night close up


Е.Н. said...

Замечательные цветы!И не менее замечательные фото:и ракурс,и колер,и фактура-все выше всяких похвал!
Я уж не говорю о том,что это еще надо было вырастить!

Olga said...

Спасибо, очень приятно.

city said...

thanks for sharing.

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