May 1, 2012

Spring is speeding up!

     Just a week ago spring felt very slow, but during last days things started to change quicker and quicker. One of my hosta beds is bursting with intensively growing spring bulbs.

     In this mix of Hyacinths I planted several bulbs that I saved from last year together with some newly bought. All of them are blooming fine except for 'Odysseus', the beautifully peachy colored one in the back of the mix. Its flower spikes are very prone to falling, which makes it difficult to appreciate the beauty of the flowers.

Hyacinth mix with Hyacinth 'Pink Pearl' in the front

Hyacinth 'City of Haarlem'

     I can't stop admire the brightest color of Tulipa kaufmanniana 'Show Winner'. Here comes a close-up of the open flower.

Tulipa kaufmanniana 'Show Winner'

     Fritillaria meleagris are growing in that spot for a 3rd season and multiplying steadily.

Fritillaria meleagris

Chionodoxa forbesii 'Pink Giant'

     Wood anemones Anemone nemorosa are wildly growing in the garden and popping up everywhere.

     Maidenhair Fern Adiantum pedatum is amazingly beautiful perennial in all stages of its development. Now it looks like this.

     Leaves of the oldest Astilbe growing in my garden are deep red this early in the season. The name of this variety is probably 'Erika', it was bought without tag and is waiting to be identified for sure.

     It's very exciting to watch hostas coming up in the spring. How well did they overwinter? How well did they feel last season? How much did they mature? Here are two favorites that obviously increased since last year.

Rhino Hide

Cherry Berry


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