June 21, 2012

Package from Netherlands

      In the end of last season I was saying to myself that there will be no more hosta orders in 2012... But there are so many great varieties out there that I don't have in my garden yet. Of course, I couldn't resist and placed an order for 8 more hostas to my favorite hosta vendor Hostaworld. I decided to add some larger varieties to my collection such as golden medium to large 'Dawn's Early Light' bred by Olga Petryszyn, golden large with piecrusted edges 'Dancing queen', blue large 'Fleet Week' with rippled edges, golden margined medium to large upright 'Alex Summers', large arching 'Arc de Triomphe', 'Lakeside Prophecy Fulfilled' - a white edged sport of 'Lakeside Prophecy' with heavily corrugated leaves, 'Frisian Pride' - a recent introduction of Bate Aukema from Netherlands and 'Lakeside Paisley Print' - medium with wavy leaves with a "feather" pattern of the narrow creamy center. Plants arrived in a perfect condition and look stunning. Tomorrow they will be planted in their permanent or almost permanent locations.


Frieda said...

Please Olga, you could add the "Translate" gadget on your blog?
Then I could read much better.
I would be very happy.
Thank you
Frieda (a Hostaholic ...);-))

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