June 12, 2012

Worth the patience

     Rhododendron hybrid 'Kokardia' we have planted in the garden 3 years ago and this year it finally got ready to bloom. I was afraid that we'd miss the flowering since we left for vacation right before the opening of the first flower. But due to a chilly and rainy weather during the first week of June the flowering slowed down and we arrived in a perfect time to see it in its full power. It was definitely worth to wait for 3 years to see the show. Clusters of large purple-pink flowers with a prominent wine red blotch. The plant itself is neat and vigorous with glossy dark-green leaves. This hybrid was raised by the famous German breeder Hans Hachmann.


steve hawk said...

The pictures are simply stunning and amazingly well shot.I just cant stop my self to halt here and leave this comment. Very Well done and Great job.BY - Garden Centre Westmeath

Thomas Singer said...

You guys eliminate it real unproblematic for all the folks out there.

Seth Danks said...

Great blog you people have maintained there, I totally appreciate the work.

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