March 12, 2011

Kista Mässan Rum & Trädgård

   First garden exhibition of the season. Small garden part of Rum & Trädgård in Kista Mässan is a sort of anticipation of Nordiska Trädgårdar that starts in less than 2 weeks. The nicest exhibitor of the day was Wibrant Trädgård Rockdala with a great choice of Fuchsia starter plants.

   They also had show adult plants in full bloom. Some of them look like small trees or bushes. Very nice way to show what can grow out of tiny starters.

   Two exhibitors from Holland had good choice of bulbs and tubers. I couldn't resist to buy 2 dahlias, one of them, Giraffe, was chosen by Björn.

   Here come some more pictures from the exhibition.


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