September 3, 2011

Bergianska Trädgårdens Höstfest.
Dahlia season 2011: part V

   Tomorrow Sunday September 4th there will be Höstfest in Bergianska Botanical Garden. Svenksa Dahliasällskapet is participating there and I'll be there to show some of my dahlias. Here are some previews of what I might bring with me tomorrow. These are all large flowering dahlias originating mostly from US except for Hapet Spartan, Austrian variety.

AC Ben

Colorado Classic

Mick's Peppermint

Wyn's Pinking of You

AC Dark Horse

Hapet Spartan


Sunray Gardens said...

Those are some spectacular Dahlias. I wish you luck in showing them.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Anonymous said...

I like these flowers but have to dig them up in the fall so haven't put them in. New follower, appreciate you coming by when you can and follow if you like.
Ohio Outdoors

Olga said...

Thank you!

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