September 16, 2011

Flower arrangements with dahlias

   Having so many dahlias in the garden I can practice in flower arrangements. Bunch of dahlias always look great. In this vase I have Pinelands Princess, Clair-Obscure, Colorado Classic, Hallwood Envoy, Alauna Aurora, Alauna Luna and Fruti.

   Alauna Aurora, Michel Robert (France), started to flower pretty late, about 3 weeks ago. The flower head is large and very full.

Alauna Aurora

In this bunch I used Wyn's Pinking of You, Olga, Nenekazi, Mick's Peppermint, Vista Lindsey, Trelyn Rhiannon and Alauna Luna.


Mary St George said...

Lovely! I shared the link at our Dahlia Society page:

Olga said...

Thanks Mary! Nice page you have on FB.

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