September 14, 2011

Dahlia season 2011: part V

   Skipley Swingtime, R. Williams (US). This plant was totally eaten by a slug right after planting, but it grew back strongly to a 1.6 m high bush.

Skipley Swingtime

   Dagla-80, P. Haslhofer (Austria), has very deep and full flower heads. Unusual color combination.


   Northlake Pride, Surber (USA), was compared to a coral by visitors of Bergianska Trädgårdens Höstfest. It has extremely deep splits on coral-red petals.

Northlake Pride

   Nenekazi is a nice laciniated variety bred by Cyril Higgo (South Africa). Plant isn't growing taller than 1.2 m, is blooming freely and abundantly.


   Clair Obscure, M. Robert (France), was very popular on Bergianska Trädgårdens Höstfest as well. Striking color combination on laciniated blooms.

Clair Obscure

   Fruti, E.Turc (France), blooms freely on long strong peduncles.


   Birka Scandinavian Sunshine, Mary Ohlson (Sweden). This is my favorite Swedish variety so far. Flower heads are very full and hold long. Very bright yellow color.

Birka Scandinavian Sunshine


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Very nice dahlias and fine pictures! /Irene

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Tack Irene!

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